Helping leaders and organizations seize technological opportunity


Emerging Technology

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, robotics, meta-materials, the commercial space revolution, and sharing-economy business models are transforming every sector of the economy.  In the years ahead, emerging technology will create many more disruptions and surprises.  

Are you poised to scout and seize technological opportunity?  

Risk & Learning Organizations

Complex systems fail in complex ways, as NASA learned when a piece of falling foam downed the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003.  The investigation that followed established the accident's physical cause as well as the organizational cause -- what inside NASA allowed the foam to fall in the first place.

How can organizations anticipate and prevent failure?  When failure does occur, how can they learn from it?  

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)

The Pentagon's Silicon Valley office--DIUx--is the most significant institutional motor of technological renewal in national defense since DARPA’s founding in 1957.  To date, DIUx has invested a portfolio of $1 billion in emerging commercial technologies.   

What can you learn from how DIUx identifies and pilots technology to spur innovation?

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The New Digital Age & Cybersecurity

The old and the economy are fusing, with the physical and the digital interlaced in ever more tightly coupled ways.  Learn lessons from how the Pentagon secures its networks and trains those who operate and use them.  

How can organizations embrace the new digital age and be secure in it?

Leadership in a Technological Age

Spring Semester, 2018

This research seminar examines how leaders in all fields can prepare themselves to address political, security, and regulatory challenges created by technology in every corner of civic life.  

What kind of leader does the U.S. need to produce to navigate this brave new world of emerging technology?